Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Outside of a Spanish House

At loooong last here are some photos of our house as viewed from outside.

The rendering was done about 3 months ago, a fact we intentionally neglected to pass on to Mum and Dad, so when they arrived they got a real surprise. Thanks to those who knew about it but kept the secret.

Just to allow you to go through the same process, I'll show you the photos which represent Mum and Dad's last memory of the house and then the latest ones.

This is the way our Spanish house used to look:

Now it looks like this:

Thursday, July 3, 2008

The house we built: Interior

As you all know we have been building a house. Doing everything yourself has become a real drag and I wish someone could finish the house for us now and we could just take a rest.

Having said that, its clear the worst is over. Here are some photos from the interior of the house taken after Mum and Dad arrived for their holiday.

We still haven't finished alot of electrical work which explains why some cables still run along the floor.

Just before I show each of the new photos, lets take a look at an 'in progress' photo of the same area first, once again, just remember we've done it all ourselves and there is still alot to do....


-- before --

-- after --

Living Room:

-- before we even built the walls! --

-- during building (this is in mid winter, you can tell by Karins long sleeves) --

-- living room with walls and roof --

....now it looks like this:

Living room looking back from the other end:

-- before --

-- after (a brick and plaster divider/unit optically obscures the front door) --

You cant see it very well, but the floor now has beautiful porcelain tiles (yes we laid those too... whew...).

As I write this, I've got misty eyes because it really was a hard and depressing winter and we both thought that we would never see the end of the mess in every corner of our living space. I guess this blog marks an official end to the Chaos.